Xcode xip

Verify the signature and certificate chain that signed the archive.
pkgutil --verbose --check-signature ./Xcode_8_GM_seed.xip
Extract the PBZX stream from the archive.
xar -xf ./Xcode_8_GM_seed.xip
Obtain a PBZX v2 unpacker and... unpack the packed stuff.
curl -O https://gist.githubusercontent.com/pudquick/ff412bcb29c9c1fa4b8d/raw/24b...
python parse_pbzx2.py Content
Decompress the archive (there should only be one chunk, "part00").
xz -d Content.part00.cpio.xz
Unpack the CPIO archive as a privileged user (since the device frameworks have weird symlinks that make cpio complain otherwise, and it needs to be owned by root anyway) and move the resulting Xcode app bundle into /Applications.
sudo cpio -idm < ./Content.part00.cpio
sudo mv ./Xcode.app /Applications/
It should prompt you to do the post-install setup steps upon first launch.

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answered Sep 14 at 11:36

Evan Kinney
Thank you. Also after the step 3. you can use "The Unarchiver" app to unpack the Content.part00.cpio.xz. – krafter Sep 26 at 12:31

When you don't have the xz tool on your system as it happened to me, you can replace step 4 with "sudo cpio -izmdu 0