GIT rules: Coding rules:

GIT rules:

Main branch: develop
Branch name: type/PG name/task name
type: feature for create new screen, feature; update for update, change existing screen, feature; bugs for fix bugs.
PG name: name of programmer
task name: name of task
Do not merge directly. Create merge request & review.
Each feature, update or fix bug should be on 1 branch. Do not make big branch.
Do not make big commit. Commit often, even in 1 branch.
Branch containing warning(s) will be not allowed to merge.
To avoid conflict in project file, add new file on branch develop and push. Then merge into working branch + notify other members to merge.

Coding rules:
Each flow has a sub folder in ViewController. Each view controller has a folder in the flow folder. StoryBoard is stored next in flow view controller folder.
Class functions, class properties must be default private.
Do not use ? !, use if let instead.